Message from the FFHA Board of Directors

Hello friends and neighbors!

We hope all of you are doing well during this hottest of summers in Asheville.  It is the high season and there is much activity on the mountain. The snowbirds are here for the summer, five new residents have moved into Fairview Forest full time, and there has been much activity at the clubhouse. Consequently there is more traffic up and down, and more foot traffic, so great care must be taken navigating our roadways. So far there has been only one serious crash this year.  It occurred more than a month ago on the main road. Never saw the police report but whatever happened resulted in an overturned truck that damaged the road and side ditch. No one was seriously injured. Fortunately insurance covered the repair cost of the damage. Additional road repairs will take place in the near future. The Board road plan will burst into action as soon as the state gives the go-ahead for the repairs designated for Wrights Cove Road. As you may have noticed, the engineers have already marked the pavement. Obey the speed limits and watch out for pedestrians.

By and large it has been a quiet and peaceful summer. There are construction projects ongoing with no issues that would concern the Board. Our ditches have managed the deluges in recent days. Landscapers are doing everything they can to keep the wilderness at bay. Volunteers repaired the picnic tables at the clubhouse. Volunteers cleaned up downed trees on Chestnut Forest Road, Weeping Cherry Road and Dogwood Forest Road. Volunteers also continue to keep Arrowhead Trail clear for regular use.  Mama bear and her two cubs have been sighted all over the neighborhood in search of the easy meal. None was easier than the abundant peach tree at the MacLeod residence. In just two weeks, once the peaches ripened, the bears, with the help of one industrious raccoon, stripped the tree entirely of its hundreds and hundreds of peaches. It must be noted that the tree was already there before the MacLeods purchased the property. Who plants a peach tree in bear country? Oh well.

The Fairview Forest Directory was mailed this week. The delays in getting it out were the result of an effort to get more names into it. Many were omitted mainly because residents forgot to fill out the necessary paperwork to publish their information. After reaching out we were able to include many more listings. The Board has determined to change the procedure going forward, and thereby eliminate unnecessary steps toward publication. It will be made clear by the next Annual Meeting.  In the meantime use the new directory as best you can.

Since the Annual Meeting a significant number of Fairview Forest residents signed up with, the free private social network specific to our neighborhood. So far the network has gained traction and proven to be useful in disseminating information across many topics, concerns, and needs. If you are interested in participating, just visit the website to sign up.

The litigation against Fairview Forest brought forth by a group of short-term renters continues through the legal process  In the meantime we wait until the legal system renders a decision. While most of the newest residents in Fairview Forest have moved on to the mountain full-time, the Board continues to field inquiries from real estate agents about the viability of purchasing properties for the sole purpose of short-term renting. The Board remains committed to the idea of limiting the expansion of short-term renting in Fairview Forest. In due time the issue around short-term renting will resolve because of the sensible nature that the passage of time has brought to the conversation.

Thanks to all of you who paid your assessments on time, and thanks to those of you still to write the checks. Worry not, we will kindly remind you. The Board remains committed to a tight budget, so every assessment counts.

Thank you for your continued support.